Mark Crinson

Professor of Architectural History

Mark is Professor of Architectural History at Birkbeck. He is the Director of the Architecture, Space and Society Centre (Birkbeck), and the Vice-President of the European Architectural History Network. His research has ranged predominantly across the areas of colonial architecture and postwar British architecture, but has also included: aspects of documentary photography; internationalism and architecture; memory and the postindustrial; race and architecture; the Victorian industrial city. His research is characterised by its rich archival and interdisciplinary materials, its close reading of the materiality of objects, and its critical engagement with ‘theory’ and historiography.

It was Mark’s interest in colonial architecture that led him to internationalism and a revisionist account of how this related to modernism in architecture. This research culminated in his recent book, Rebuilding Babel: Modern Architecture and Internationalism (I B Tauris, 2017).