We’re back!


Happy 2020 from all of us at CSI! We’ve been a bit quiet lately, but we’ve just launched our shiny new website and we’re excited to get the network buzzing with all things internationalism!


Happy 2020 from all of us at CSI! So far this academic year we have been working mostly behind the scenes, but are now excited to share some news with you…

Firstly, we have a new website! With the help of our colleagues at Playfields, the Centre has just launched a brand new website. The much-improved search function is designed to make it easier to find people with specific interests or in particular fields. We have transferred most of our members’ info to the new site but are still updating this. If you see anything about you that is now out-of-date, please let us know and we’ll update it. Also do get in touch if you are working on internationalism broadly conceived and would like to join the network – we’d be pleased to add you.

The Centre is also pleased to announce the launch of a three year European project on international Scientific Conferences. The Centre has been hosting several big collaborative projects since its inception in 2016, and Jessica Reinisch (Birkbeck), Geert Somsen (Maastricht), Charlotte Bigg (Paris) and Sven Widmalm (Uppsala) are pleased to report that their HERA-funded project on ‘The Scientific Conference’ has got off to a great start. The team are looking forward to announcing a series of events about internationalism and conferences shortly. We are particularly pleased to announce that Dr Laura C. Forster has joined Birkbeck and the Centre as a postdoctoral researcher. As part of the HERA project, Laura is working on progressive thought in the interwar period, particularly the international networks of socialists, sexologists, and medical professionals that coalesced around the sex reform movement.

We will restart the book review and conference report posts shortly. Do please get in touch if you have any suggestions about books to be reviewed, conferences you’ve been to, or any other news you’d like to share with the network.

And finally, we are currently preparing a one-day workshop to take place at Birkbeck on 26 June 2020 – more on that soon!